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Discover Green Up! Revisiting Classics now available on Youtube!

What a year for the London Electric Cars team! As Britain struggles to get oil, this crisis is shining a light on companies working with energies of the future such as London electric cars! We were lucky to produce a short film in 2020 about these amazing guys, trying to understand their process and make it more accessible to everyone.

“ In London, a team of classic car enthusiasts have started their own green revolution: they’re converting petrol propulsions to electric. Using 3D printing, Kinect, Raspberry Pis, and any secondhand part they can find, these tinkering heroes are changing the face of the city, one car at a time.”

The learning curve has been huge. To lower the costs of conversions, and to also keep in line with the whole reduce, reuse, recycle trend, they focused on getting most of their parts from the scrap yards. But used parts do not come with a manual. The process itself didn’t have a manual. They’re writing the textbook as they go, learning how to use every item, and rebuilding entire propulsion engines, while adapting them to each car that’s been brought to them.

And today they are in the news on The Times, BBC News , La Repubblica , Euronews , the British Embassy in Stockholm , CBS News and many more!

As it happens, "GreenUp! Revisiting Classics" just ended its world tour in festivals and we were about to start planning its release to a wider audience. Here is the final list of selections and countries our little jewel was shown in!

Winner (Best Original Idea, Top Indie Film Awards, 2020)

Finalist (Socal Film Awards, 2020)

Highest Commendation (UK Seasonal Short Film Festival, 2020)

Nominee (Best editing & Best documentary short, Top Indie Film Awards, 2020)

Selected (Los Angeles Independant Film Festival, January 2021)

Selected (Stockholm City Film Festival, January 2021)

Selected (New Media Film Festival, April 2021)

You can discover this film on the @londonelectriccars YouTube channel. They're a really talented crew, don't hesitate to subscribe to their social media accounts to get updates on their ongoing conversions!

🇬🇧🇫🇷 For a better understanding of the film, subtitles are available in English but also in French! Vous pouvez regarder le film en anglais, avec des sous-titres français !

⭐ Don't hesitate to leave a comment below the video or give us a thumbs up, we always love to hear your feedback!

The team welcomed us with open arms and trusted us completely to produce this film in less than a month. We crawled under their cars, put our Laowa Probe Lens in their faces and hands to get as close as possible to the action, and they let us do anything we wanted. We worked day and night to create a project that would be a proper tribute to their work and faith. We hope that you’ll fall in love with them just as much as we did!


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