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Myth-to-Measure launches new animation

Communication experts Myth-to-Measure are delighted to unveil their new short animation film, which marks the first such project for the company.

Anglo-French company Myth-to-Measure have developed an enviable reputation for the varied skillsets of their impressive team, which crosses boundaries such as fixing for international productions, drone filming and animation. The animated short showcases the company in its full creative powers, as well as creating a fitting allegory for the business as a whole.

The movie, entitled Seeds of Change, has been created and directed by the brand’s creative director, Rusty Matalou. Rusty joined the company in 2019 shortly after Myth-to-Measure had celebrated its first year of trading, during which time an important business relationship had already been established with this highly skilled creative.

In summary, the new animation details the colourful journey of three animals; a stag, a wolf and an owl. As they cross the desert, they begin to plant trees at an allocated position on a map. The trees provide shade for animals who choose to come and join them in this spot.

Companies who have already worked with Myth-to-Measure will recognise the way this film represents their approach to business. Taking a personalised, full service approach, the team are able to see problems from all areas and provide help with a diverse range of areas essential to modern companies. The whimsical yet focused nature of the animation also reflects the characteristic style which makes Myth-to-Measure so special.

Each individual who works on the Myth-to-Measure team can be regarded as both entrepreneurial and results oriented, yet they never lose sight of the true goal, or the value of collaboration. The choice of different animals within the movie also helps to highlight the different styles of each of the key individuals working within the company, and the way these skills can work in harmony together.

Hiring fresh new talent has enabled Myth-to-Measure to continue growing at a rapid yet sustainable pace, equipping the team with more skills which in turn allow them to help more customers.

With bigger and bolder projects soon to be unveiled, the company are eager to hear feedback on this new short film. Please get in touch, comment, the whole team would love to hear your thoughts!

Myth-to-Measure hope that this new animation serves as a fitting introduction to some of the things which are possible upon working with the brand, and look forward to an active and project-focused 2021.



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