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How to write a good Instagram biography?

Instagram is the fastest-growing of all social media. It has become an essential sales tool for many brands. You need to take care of your image on social media, and that starts with a well-written biography on Instagram. Instagram provides you with 150 characters to introduce yourself and show your new visitors why they should subscribe and interact with your brand. But how can you be effective in 150 characters? Here are our tips.

1. Who are you? Someone who doesn't know you and discovers your account needs to know in 3 seconds what you create/sell.

2. Your value proposition. Why would I buy from you instead of your competitor? You need to show what you bring to the table. Adding hashtags to your Instagram biography is a great way to quickly identify your customers. It is part of your content strategy and increases your brand awareness.

3. Include a call to action. Including a call to action in your Instagram bio can be a valuable addition. Calls to action greatly increase the likelihood that users will take the action you describe because they explain exactly what to do and how to do it. It is best to put your CTA at the end of the bio. People will be more likely to take this action once you have established who you are. Also, it allows you to place your CTA close to your link.

4. Have a clean biography. We recommend that you start a new line for each sentence. Feel free to use emojis and other symbols to make your biography dynamic and attractive.

Did you know these tips? Did you use them? Tell us in a comment or private message, we can give you additional tips!

You can also get inspiration from the instagram biographies of @coco_moon_hawaii, @_socialsam_, @brock11johnson , @mtartagency , @imdanielaqueiroz



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