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How to develop your storytelling on social media?

Are you afraid you won't stand out on social media? You can feel lost in front of all these big accounts that take all the visibility. What if we told you that there is a simple way that can really help you stand out on social networks? A method that is easier than we think and that can save you time. This method is simply storytelling: the art of telling a story. We hear a lot about it in the marketing world, but how do you use storytelling on social media?

1. Find the best social media for you. It is important to find the social media that will fit you or your brand’s style best, and on which your target will be most likely to see, hear and listen to your story. Take the time to study each social network. It is not useful to register on every social media if you are not going to post regularly on each of them. We recommend a maximum of 2 to 3 social media accounts.

2. Establish an editorial approach to follow on social media. Make a list of ten or so posts that tell your story. This base will allow you not to spread out in your communication and to follow a common thread. We often advise our clients to find 2 to 3 communication axes that define them and their brand best, and always make sure what you’re going to post goes into one or more of these communication axes.

3. Be yourself. Share daily routines in an authentic way. Your audience will be interested in following your daily life or the daily events at your company and it can inspire those who are in the same situation as you. So don't be afraid and share your vision, your victories, your mistakes, your short be yourself!

4. Generate emotions. You have to try to arouse something: an emotion, a desire to take action, by going a little outside the scope of what is expected. For example, you can organize an unexpected contest!

5. Involve your subscribers. You need to invite your subscribers to live this story with you so that they are actors and not just bystanders! You can do this by asking your subscribers for their opinion. Don't hesitate to use the tools available on social networks.

To give you ideas, check out these accounts - we love the way they use storytelling to inspire their audience.

✨ The account @studiomumuse uses stop-motion to do storytelling! The creator @elsamuse brings her ideas to life and imagines creative content for brands in a totally unusual way!

✨ Give us a follow on @lifeoftheartistofficial account! There are good examples on how to create storytelling around our videos. More content will be posted on there soon!

✨ We also invite you to check out these accounts that have mastered storytelling: @abipastry, @maria_mcmanus_, @canopycollections, @sarita.thakrar and @_amy_pix.



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