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How to build a successful storytelling: tips to get you started!

Storytelling is an effective communication lever that will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and present your services in an original way. To get you started, here are 3 tips we’re happy to share with you at Myth-to-Measure!

You must define your target. Before telling a story, you need to "set the scene", the context and the characters. It is essential to know the specifics of your target: who are you aiming at? Who do you want to talk to, to engage with? (buyers, users, influencers, partners, prospects, etc.) What are their characteristics (industry sector, location, sales figures, etc.) What are they looking for? From there, you can determine which tone and style to adopt to reach them. To convince your audience and win their support for your brand, play the emotion card, stimulate desire, create envy!

Set the stakes. Put yourself in your customers' shoes. What do they expect from you? Try to get to know your customers. Take into account their expectations, their needs, their interests, and then develop the benefits or solutions that you propose to overcome their frustrations or problems. This step is strategic as it will provide you with valuable information on how to deliver your messages and engage your audience. There is only one way to do this: Don't stop trying! But pay attention to the consistency of your speeches, don't try to lie or extrapolate. Be honest and authentic with your target audience, that's what the client is looking for.

Pay attention to design and format! The idea is to build a universe around your brand through a series of facts or events related to it and to give them an emotional impact. This way, your target will be able to identify with your story, share your passion & recognize themselves in the values you advocate. Don't hesitate to alternate formats (videos, podcasts, animated gifs, articles or visuals) to tell who you are and what you do. By unleashing your creativity on engaging media, you will gain visibility on social networks. So bluff, innovate, captivate! A great story is not forgotten when it touches the hearts of audiences and combines sensitivity and authenticity.

To give you some ideas, here are some Instagram accounts with great storytelling bones.

If you like classic cars, you'll love @londonelectricars. A team of tinkering enthusiasts have started their own green revolution: they're converting petrol cars to electric. These guys are sketching a real future for petrol cars, using new tech such as Kinect or 3D printers. And their instagram is a reflection of their passion, their methods of work, and their journey. It’s all about test and trials and issues to solve… And successes at the end of the road! Exactly the type of engaging story you want to experience on social media.

Here’s an account we REALLY admire, for the consistency of their storytelling and the quality of content they post: check out @thewomanartist_! They highlight women artists from everywhere in the world and each story is carefully curated. @ranimbidawi, @albadiazn_ and @sypark_928 celebrate the identity, achievements and historical contexts of women artists. It's really beautiful what they do, check it out!

Finally, another account with this perfect mix of entrepreneurial journey, innovation and curated content is @studiosannevisser. We won’t say too much about what they do, because it’s quite surprising and well worth the account visit. But there again, you’ll find this mix of personal accomplishments, great ideas, and taking you along the journey in an original and aesthetic way.

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