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Boris Johnson, the UK Brexit leader, left an indelible mark on his country – for better or for worse. While the UK is facing its first pandemic crisis on its own, what future is there for Europe and the country? With the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Kingdom is facing a major crisis on its own, without the European Union’s help, for the first time.

Behind his veil of buffoonery, will Boris Johnson embrace the stature that befits a statesman or lead his country to disaster? At heart, is he the United Kingdom's gravedigger? Or is he a restorer of British greatness?

Myth-to-Measure worked for 3 months with Morgane Production to organize the filming for director Alice Cohen in several cities in England: London, Eastbourne, Bristol, Glasgow and Edinburgh. It was a huge challenge to put everything together, crew, locations, interviewees, in the midst of a global pandemic.  


On this documentary Myth-to-Measure helped in several areas: 


Filming permits


The director wanted to shoot historical & political buildings, for which it was necessary to ask for filming permits beforehand, especially in Whitehall. Myth-to-Measure made sure that they had all the permits they needed to film, obtaining more than 10 filming permits for the crew. Filming in London isn’t easy, you need to be prepared! 



shooting locations to film


Finding locations to film interviews in line with the aesthetics of the documentary is not always easy. But thanks to our experience & knowledge of London and the UK, Myth-to-Measure was able to create a wide range of contacts to find locations tailored to the director’s wishes.

We thank The Marylebone
( ),

Park Plaza Westminster ( ),

Rudolf Steiner House ( ),

The Merchants House of Glasgow (

The View Hotel Eastbourne ( ),

Institut français du Royaume-Uni ( ),

The Library Bloomsbury ( ),

Kimpton Charlotte Square ( ) for hosting our film crew.

Big Ben

Assistance on set


Finally, to ease every aspect of the filming, our production coordinator Anne-Sarah was able to help the team with her experience as an assistant on set. She made sure everything went smoothly.


It is always inspiring to work with people who truly love what they do, and the professionals at Myth-to-Measure love supporting people with passion projects.

This was also another opportunity to work with Troy Edige (, a director we love working with!!


Need any help with an upcoming project in the UK, including Scotland, or in Ireland? Contact us on

Head of Production, Morgane Production


Florie-Anne took care of this very precise mission in a very short time: location scouting, setting up a technical configuration in line with the production intentions, making contact, editorial preparation and filming the interview... and all of this with a flawless seriousness.

I was very happy to work with Myth to Measure team again, always efficient and reassuring!

Alice Cohen


"Working with the Myth-to-Measure team has been a great pleasure. From the director of photography, Troy, to the fixer Anne-Sarah or Florie-Anne and all the members of the team, they did a fantastic job of prep and shooting.
The combination of professionalism, attentiveness and kindness of the Myth-to-Measure team has largely contributed to the qualities of the film and to the fact that it remains one of my very good memories of shooting and this, despite the difficulties related to the pandemic.
Between great professionalism and pleasure of working with them daily.
Thanks again to all of you for your work".

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