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With a free spirit and a ceaseless creative drive, Rusty is at the forefront of the Myth-to-Measure creative department. Never one to back down from a challenge, his persistence and tenacity have helped Rusty develop a strong and diverse background in the creative industries, including a grassroots beginning in filmmaking. Rusty knows how to craft creative projects which reach their target audience, and has worked in film departments and broadcast television, where his projects included meticulously assembling storyboards and directing commercials.

3D, 2D, real-life footage, motion design… Nothing is out of range for this fecund spirit. His creative universe is wide and strong, with a flair for an old-fashioned finish mixed with a touch of modernism.

In most of his films, a graphic world interferes with reality, creating a mixed-media that has attracted many brands like Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Château de Versailles, BMW & Roche Bobois.

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