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The third episode of our video series Life Of The Artist.

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Following our weekly schedule, we are delighted to share with you the third episode of our video series Life Of The Artist.

In this third video, we have the pleasure of meeting with contemporary artist Alex Clarke to discuss his life in the studio and his art practice, notably writing as a core inspiration in his work and in his new series of paintings «I’ll» and why they are reactions against painting.

Alex Clarke is a London based artist holding degrees from Central Saint Martins and The Royal Academy Schools. Incorporating painting, photographic works, text pieces and installation, he identifies that the reason to want to make an artwork can be framed by the desire to talk to one another. The result is a poetic pluri-disciplinary practice aiming at placing the viewer in an active position with the works.

Our thanks and eternal gratitude go to artist Alex Clarke, director of Superdakota gallery Damien Bertelle-Rogier for trusting us at the onset of our project!

Enjoy and take care everyone !

Stay Home. Stay Safe.



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