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The first episode of our video series Life Of The Artist.

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

As promised, we are delighted to share with you the first episode of our video series Life Of The Artist.

In this first video, we have the pleasure of meeting with contemporary artist David Raymond Conroy and going through his exhibition "Retail Space" at Seventeen Gallery. We discuss the show and how it challenges the concept of authorship. We dive into David's practice and how it broadly questions the meaning of art.

David Raymond Conroy is a London-based artist whose original source material is drawn from the creative output of others. His aim is not to usurp ownership but rather to engage with those artists and run alongside them. With few works looking alike, pieces manifest themselves as video, found objects, found drawings authored by others, performance and constructions.

Our thanks and eternal gratitude go to artist David Raymond Conroy and director of Seventeen Gallery David Hoyland for trusting us at the onset of our project!

Enjoy and take care everyone !


Corbun Contemporary / Myth-to-Measure Ltd

Marlène Bergue Corbun de Kerobert / Florie-Anne Virgile

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