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Myth-to-Measure fixes for tricky Sheerness filming project

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

As an Anglo-French company which specialises in fixing, the team at Myth-to-Measure were recently able to help the French production team from DEZOOM achieve their goals.

DEZOOM's producers, Labarone, needed to film in Sheerness, home to the largest parking lot in Europe. Their project involved using a one-sequence shot to uncover the everlasting footprints left behind by human activities, encouraging individuals to think about what will remain long after they are gone.

Understanding the brief 

The importance of this project was certainly not lost on Myth-to-Measure as they set about helping out with the production. Previously, the team have helped production crews in a wide variety of ways, which can range from the everyday tasks which prove time consuming (booking hotels, driving) to key organisational and filming tasks which help ensure projects are able to go ahead.

For the project, Myth-To-Measure worked closely with Altivision, their chosen partners for drone filming. As a small but growing independent business, the company are dedicated to finding the right partners for each task, ensuring that projects are completed to the absolute satisfaction of clients and stakeholders.

How did Myth-to-Measure help?

Key tasks which were organised by Myth-to-Measure included ensuring filming permits were organised and correct, as well as organising the direct pick-up of key members of staff and crew. Myth-to-Measure also booked accommodation and drove the crew to their location in Sheerness, helping to keep the production running smoothly and to schedule.

In addition, the multi-talented team at Myth-to-Measure were able to assist with filming on-site, obtaining permits to use a drone camera despite it being a particularly difficult spot. Filming next to wind turbines can cause a hazard, yet the company was able to safely adhere to guidelines and reassure all viable authorities in order for filming to go ahead.

The results

Watch the full episode on the Arte Facebook Page.

Myth-to-Measure know how difficult it can be to obtain filming and droning permits and run projects smoothly. They overcame the many barriers in their way (including approximately 20 separate authorisations) in order to help make the filming project happen. When it came time to film, the team had only thirty minutes to achieve their pivotal shot, yet they managed it.

By working with top talent such as directors Simon Bouisson and Ludovic Zuili, this talented team are able to grow their networks and assist young filmmakers on the rise.

It is always inspiring to work with people who truly love what they do, and the professionals at Myth-to-Measure love supporting people with passion projects, like the Labarone crew.

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