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Myth-to-Measure design user-friendly interface for One Newham

The uncertainty brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic means businesses must be quick to adapt if they wish to survive. In addition, the rapidly developing situation itself calls for evermore flexible solutions in organisations of all kinds. This uncertain, fast-changing landscape calls for flexibility and ingenuity, now more than ever.

Some companies are answering the call for such change and are likely to therefore reap the benefits. Myth-to-Measure works closely with companies across different sectors as they rise to the challenges which 2020 has presented. One such organisation is One Newham, who approached Myth-to-Measure in need of a new website in the wake of Covid-19. They needed a site which could respond to the pandemic, but also evolve to fit their needs and their structure moving forward.

One Newham is a network which connects voluntary, community and faith organisations across the London borough of Newham. The business asked Myth-to-Measure to design their new website, with an updated list of members as well as easy access to resources and events for their visitors who needed help and support because of the pandemic’s fallout.

In total, it took six weeks to create the new site. During this time, many things changed continuously, with alterations to the format and adaptations which helped bring the community closer together during a period of extreme crisis. These alterations were often grander in scale than would generally be considered standard practice, with entire pages designed and then redesigned, simplifications to existing pages which then became more complex on revisions, and other such quick changes of pace. Whilst this presented a challenge for the company, particularly over such a short time frame, the result was ultimately rewarding, resulting in a happy client and also a fully functional new platform which connects and supports organisations across Newham.

One of the most important elements of the website is that now, it is easy to update for anyone within the One Newham network. This proved to be crucial for the client, as few among the organisations have web design experience. Myth-to-Measure chose to use Wix to create the website, because of its user-friendliness and its efficient yet customizable design. This choice was also made keeping in mind the client’s budget and, more than anything else, the work’s timeframe. The website was needed, urgently, to answer the community’s need, which meant that the designers couldn’t spend too much time coding and entirely personalising it. Each page was carefully considered to ensure that anyone, regardless of their experience (or lack thereof), will be able to update it when the time comes.

For added help, Myth-to-Measure provided the client with a set of guidelines on updating the pages, giving them a step-by-step blueprint to work from. In times of crisis, it is this flexibility and attention to detail which truly matters to clients, across all sectors.

Thank you for all your work on setting up our website, and the work you are currently doing on hosting the Youth Activities Map on the site. We would be very happy to be quoted as a happy customer. I particularly appreciate your responsiveness and flexibility, We made several changes to our brief during the project, and i am grateful that you accommodated these changes without expressing any frustration. The new website has been well received - thank you!
Radhika Bynon, Project Manager, One Newham


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