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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Communication experts Myth-to-Measure are the go-to source for everything from drone filming to designing and developing new communication strategies, and producing pivotal news stories. Offering a range of drone services throughout the UK, Myth-to-Measure helps organise shoots around the country for overseas companies, ensuring they are filmed and produced to a high standard.

With continued expansion firmly in her sights, founder Florie-Anne Virgile is delighted to announce the appointment of Romana Bekkai as a new recruit to the Myth-to-Measure team. In her new role as production coordinator, Romana will bring her extensive experience to each project, and helping the business break new ground.

In anticipation of the upcoming one-year anniversary of Myth-to-Measure's founding, Florie-Anne says that Romana’s energy and understanding of the production world will prove pivotal in ensuring new projects are carried out to an extremely high standard. As the company continues to grow and expand, offering more services for clients, finding the right team members has become a matter of great importance.

“Romana has the right mixture of positivity and curiosity,” says Myth-to-Measure founder Florie-Anne. “2019 is sure to be even better than our first year as a company, so I need to know I have the right team around me. Finding the ideal new production coordinator for our projects means ensuring we have the perfect all-rounder, with a wide range of experience and interests. Romana more than fits the bill, and I’m delighted to have her on board!”

That wide range of experience includes having worked in video production, and within the complex yet vital area of social media communications. Romana recently completed a Masters degree in Multimedia Journalism at the prestigious University of Westminster, adding a strong academic footing to all her endeavours within Myth-to-Measure and honing documentary filmmaking talents which will set her in good stead within the company. In addition, this exciting new recruit studied literature and media at the Sorbonne, where she developed her journalistic writing skills and delved into the complexities of script writing.

With work experience which has ranged from communications management to sales and content producing, Romana also brings many practical skills gleaned from the world of work, which will undoubtedly help during the coming year at Myth-to-Measure. With fascinating new projects just around the corner, this is a superb time for a fledgling company to take its next steps, assisting global companies seeking a foothold in the UK market.



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