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Discover our new infographics series "Lockdown Diaries"!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Lockdown doesn’t mean you have to stop all activity. It may be the good time to work on your online communications. And why not using this opportunity to practice your video skills and present your followers with an original lockdown diary!

Myth-to-Measure helps you on your video journey with these tips that will enable you to produce a professional-looking video that you can film yourself in your living room.

You don’t need a professional camera or extensive knowledge of video editing to produce engaging content. Just be mindful of your environment, of the light in your room and have a go!

We’d be happy to hear from you so feel free to share with us your productions or contact us for free feedback!

Infographics by Rusty j. Matalou

You can contact Florie-Anne Virgile and Romana Bekkaï for more tips!


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