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Myth-to-Measure hires new creative director R.J. Matalou

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Go-to communication experts Myth-to-Measure are delighted to announce their latest acquisition, in the form of a brand new creative director, Rusty J. Matalou.

Raised as the son of two creative entrepreneurs, Rusty has a wealth of experience to offer in his new role. He spent his childhood on and off film sets, watching his parents work as both performance and cinema technicians. As a teenager, Rusty began to pursue his own creative endeavours, working at Okidoki Studios before moving into further audiovisual pursuits.

The new creative director has extensive knowledge of key fields such as animation, video production, commercial film and documentary, all of which will be particularly handy in his position at Myth-to-Measure.

The company is noted for taking part in a wide variety of communication roles, encompassing everything from crafting new communication strategies, to organising drone shoots in the UK and producing news stories which really pack a punch. Founder Florie-Anne Virgile is currently expanding the company by adding to the team with a series of new hires, each of which bring to the fore their own unique skillset which will benefit all the company's clients as it moves forward in its latest incarnation.

Rusty's prior experience has included roles directing a range of commercial and documentary films for both digital and mainstream broadcast, as well as developing storyboards and screenplays for commercials. In a diverse career, he has experience in everything from project management to hands-on creativity, working in live broadcasting at luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton, and directing commercials for big brands such as Roche Bobois and Toyota. Moving on to Myth-to-Measure represents a fantastic new step, and one which will allow him to utilise his multi-layered talents.

Having recently celebrated its first year of trading, a spate of new hires are sure to help as the company takes on a wealth of new challenges. “Rusty brings the perfect blend of skills to Myth-to-Measure. We have already established a complimentary professional relationship, and I look forward to working with him again,” says Florie-Anne. “I can't wait to see what projects we will work on in the future!”  

The next step for Myth-to-Measure is to continue taking on the UK and the French market, gaining recognition along the way. With such a great team, the company is sure to reach its goals for the coming year and beyond.



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