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Communication brand Myth-to-Measure set their sights on the Chinese market

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Communications experts Myth-to-Measure are no strangers to overseas markets, with an Anglo-French approach which allows them to both understand and access both countries for a broad range of communications, filming and production purposes.

After adding to their already impressive team with a whole host of new creative talents, Myth-to-Measure are now ready to pursue additional challenges. Their prior experience in the capacity of a production fixer has been largely confined to France and Britain, where the company has considerable connections and expertise. Assisting businesses with the rigours and challenges of reaching a new market is something which Myth-to-Measure thrives on, and with this in mind the company has begun to look even further afield for more territories in need of their skills. 

One of the most promising overseas markets at present is China. Myth-to-Measure have already established a lengthy working relationship with CGTN, the Chinese Global Television Network, which first provided them with the understanding of the possibilities inherent in the Chinese market. Since developing this relationship, Myth-to-Measure have grown acquainted with the unique challenges which present themselves when Chinese companies try to form overseas business relationships. This partnership has also allowed the team to greater understand the interests of the Chinese audience, and often requires the company to attend forums and expos which focus on building professional bridges between the UK and China.

So far, 2019 has proven to be a fruitful year for Myth-to-Measure's relationship with China, and representatives of the company have attended a number of events with a focus on facilitating trade relations between the UK and China. At the China Britain Trade Expo, the Myth-to-Measure team discovered more about the role that China plays on the international trade stage, and discovered some of the key reasons why British companies are so interested in developing their relationships with the Chinese market. In April 2019, the company attended an event hosted by Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. This Chinese university has a campus in London, and the event highlighted some of the courses which are currently available for UK professionals eager to trade with China. 

To help develop their own relationship with the Chinese market, Myth-to-Measure have launched an account on Chinese social media platform WeChat (MythToMeasureChina), as well as partnering with a Chinese colleague ready to get started on a range of PR & media services. 

“I can't wait for us to commence work on more projects in the Chinese market,” says Florie-Anne, founder of Myth-to-Measure. In October 2019, Florie-Anne begins studying for a diploma in Chinese Language and Culture for Business at the prestigious London School of Economics, helping to solidify the seriousness of the company's stance. “I will learn Mandarin and gain greater insights into the business world in China, ready to kick-start this exciting new chapter,” adds Florie-Anne.

The company has already begun work on China-specific content, and is operating in an advisory role to businesses seeking to work in China.



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