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Career advice: 25 women share the one “pro tip” they wish they’d learned sooner

Stylist magazine asked 25 women working across media, healthcare, fashion, technology, music, business, energy and finance the one pro tip that has guided them throughout their career.

Our CEO, Florie-Anne Virgile shared a valuable tip for other business women: “Don’t always expect something in return”

“My father always says: ‘We pay the musicians at the end of the ball.’ One of my strongest beliefs in life (and business) is that you can’t always do things expecting something in return. Helping out people, making introductions and connections when you feel people have similar or matching energies, is at the core of my business practice. And I found that very often, when you send good energy into the world, the world gives back. So even if something doesn’t seem like it’s going to pay off right away, wait until the end of the ball and perhaps it will.”


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