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Building Your Website: What Matters Today?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Building a website is a must in today’s business climate. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, there are a few key criteria you must be mindful of during each stage of development. As some businesses may feel limited because of the crisis we are going through, it may be the moment to take the time, and focus on making the right website for your company. Inspired by the recent unveiling of the new CXB HUB website - which adheres to these principles, we’re eager to share our top tips for building a successful business website.

1.) Display contact information

Even the most basic website must include clear and concise contact information to be effective. Consider how your customers will contact you, and whether you are making it easy for them. Everything about your site should be an enticement for further contact, acting as a bridge with your customers.

It is advisable to place your contact info as close to the top of your webpage as possible, so that customers can make a swift enquiry without too much fuss or hassle. Lately, we’re fed up with websites where you need tons of scrolling to find the contact info. It isn’t just inefficient, it means the customer will start the conversation annoyed, which is never a good start.

2.) Focus on navigation

A website which is difficult to navigate is a tough site to sell. With so much competition, nobody wants to waste time browsing through a webpage where they can’t find what they need, and fast.

This is particularly important when so many web searches are conducted via mobile browsers, so be aware of the potential pitfalls when you design your site.

3.) Cut the clutter

Creativity, depending on your industry and business style, is always welcome. However, cutting the excess clutter is vital if you want to attract true profits and custom. Too much noise will be distracting for customers and could lead them away from the areas of the site you want them to notice.

4.) Keep it personal

Customers increasingly value the opportunity to see the real person (or people) behind your business. This tends to be true even in businesses which are larger than average or have a very corporate feel. Nobody wants to work with an entity, they want to work with people – and businesses both large and small are made up of people. Consider hiring a photographer to create stunning images for your site. It makes a big difference to have team pictures that are consistent and display the same touch.

Show the world who you are and inject a little personality and history to the website.

5.) Make it mobile

We cannot stress enough how important it is that your site is mobile responsive. The vast majority of web searches are carried out using a mobile device, and if these devices cannot find your website (or display it properly) then you’ll never be able to connect with this huge market. Meta tags and descriptions are particularly vital here. A mobile, responsive version needs to be developed consciously, sometimes as a lighter version than your webpage.

Final thoughts

It’s important to remember that websites don’t need to be wildly expensive to be effective. Having a clear idea of your intended outcomes and target audience go a long way towards plugging any gaps in your budget. Crucially, you must ensure your website achieves the primary goal of getting people excited about your business, and making them want to contact you.

At Myth-to-Measure, we’ve developed an easy & cheap solution to help start-ups and small businesses build their website quickly & efficiently, whilst keeping a creative eye on layout and style.

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