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Jennifer Hakim 

Senior Content Strategist

Myth-to-Measure’s senior content strategist Jennifer Hakim is a public relations specialist, editor and writer, with over 10 years of business and media experience. She started her career in public relations in 2009, and has since worked with global market leaders, start-ups, public companies, charities and thought-leaders from London to Los Angeles, with a focus on ethically-oriented services and corporate social responsibility.

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Just like the frog, she is adaptable, caring and ambitious, and has gone through various stages of metamorphosis, from running a fashion e-commerce to launching an online publication. Her entrepreneurial background helps her understand clients and their needs quickly, and she goes above and beyond to shine a light on them.

Jennifer is passionate about sustainability and social justice, and loves singing, learning new languages and travelling the world whenever she has the time.

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