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Ireland, horses at heart

Horse are at the heart of Irish culture. Breeders, trainers, riders and drivers… Most Irish people have a relationship to horses. Irish horses are much sought-after, and buyers from all over the world come to Irish fairs, in the summer, to buy all sorts: ponies for Swedish races, jumpers for show jumping at international level, well-trained and well-behaved leisure horses for all riders, Hunters, racehorses… Horses are bought and shipped all over the world.

Brexit is a major concern for Ireland, not only on the political side, but because the main economic road to Europe goes through England. The impact on the horse market is unpredictable.

Myth-to-Measure is developing a documentary on how the horse market and culture may be affected by this political and historical change. Attending major yearly events, local fairs, and talking to players from all fields of the horse business, we bear witness to the changes this undeniable aspect of Irish culture is going through.

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