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CXB HUB has chosen Myth-to-Measure for all its digital communication for more than 3 years. CXB HUB is a Franco-British company that develops customer experience and human resources management programs for CAC 40 companies. The company combines international vision and innovation in process, behaviour and transformation. The company offers Project coaching for CX Directors and leaders from all positions, and bespoke programmes to accelerate the Customer Experience and  Employee Experience transformation. 


"Myth to Measure team has been taking care of the communication and websites of CXB HUB in 2019 and 2020 with care, intelligence and creativity. I enjoyed working with its founder Florie Anne Virgile and I will recommend her for any start-ups looking at doing websites, videos or communication materials in its first 3 years of existence. Alexis Grabar Franco American serial entrepreneur based in London for 20 years. Co-founder of CXB HUB.”
Alexis Grabar
Co-founder& Executive Director

Website Design & Development

Myth-to-Measure worked on the graphic design of CXB HUB to define its digital visual identity. This visual identity was then used to create the official website of CXB HUB in English. Then, to support the launch of their product sales in France, MTM built their French website. And in 2020, when the company decided to open an office in Russia in the midst of the pandemic, Myth-to-Measure created the Russian website. This site was designed & imagined for the Russian culture. These websites are fully responsive.

Concept art

Video Creation

Myth-to-Measure created this video to support the first round of fundraising of CXB HUB. The video is a great way to discover the company, which places human beings at the heart of its interests. This video was then reedited to illustrate the “WHAT WE DO” section of their international website. Since Myth-to-Measure works in French and English, this video can be watched in both languages. 

Myth-to-Measure also produces motion design videos, in this instance, for CXB HUB’s year-end best wishes in 2019. In this quick, dynamic video, the company’s network could discover the year’s achievements in a colorful and symbolic way.

Press release Creation 

Myth-to-Measure knows how important communication is in an increasingly digitized world. Very frequently, we make press-releases in French, English and Russian, which reflects our editorial quality in different languages. About 40 press releases have been made to communicate effectively in magazines, websites and social media accounts.

Social media

To have a 360 degrees digital communication, social media takes an important place in the digital communication of CXB HUB. With this in mind, Myth-to-Measure regularly publishes optimized content and adapted messages on each of its social media accounts. During events organized by CXB HUB, Myth-to-Measure produces live-tweets and publications on social networks in English and French to communicate effectively. In complement of these posts, we create attractive visuals such as infographics and other visuals in the colors of the graphic board. 

Social media accounts
in French and English

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
  • Facebook - White Circle
  • Twitter - Cercle blanc

Social Media accounts
in Russian 

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
  • Facebook - White Circle
  • Twitter - Cercle blanc
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