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Les Marches de la mort. 

Été 1944 – Printemps 1945
by Virginie Linhart

"The death marches have often been treated as an epilogue to the Nazis’ policy of extermination. But in recent years, historians have been looking into the subject to analyze its workings and specific logic. Their combined research has shown this episode of the Second World War in a fresh light. Now, this documentary sets out to reveal the true story of the death marches, a story which is essential to tell."

To know more,
you can consult the production file: copie.jpg

Morgane Production has renewed its trust in Myth-to-Measure to conduct the interview of Dr Simone Gigliotti, Senior Lecturer in Holocaust Studies in the Department of History at the Royal Holloway in England.


Florie-Anne Virgile (journalist) and Rusty J. Matalou (cameraman) filmed this interview for director Virginie Linhart who could not travel because of the global pandemic. 


The documentary

“The Death Marches”

will be released on January 25 on Arte:

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-24 at 15.42.22.jpg

"The production team, particularly Florie-Anne and Rusty,

handled the interviews and set up with ease.

It was great to work with them in exploring the landscapes

and legacy of the Nazi death marches". 


Many thanks again, 


Simone Gigliotti

"Simone's Itw is really good!

Very interesting! I am delighted, thank you"

Virginie Linhart

It is always inspiring to work with people who truly love what they do,

and the professionals at Myth-to-Measure love supporting people with passion projects.

Need any help with an upcoming project in the UK, including Scotland,

or in Ireland? Contact us on

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