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Myth-to-Measure covered

Prince Philips' funeral for Radio Canada.

Famous Canadian channel Radio Canada contacted Myth-to-Measure to cover Prince Philips' funeral. A global event for which our CEO, Florie-Anne Virgile, recorded 9 live broadcasts on TV and on the radio.


Covering an event of this magnitude requires a lot of upstream preparation. The research had begun 2 months earlier to conduct substantive work on the life of Prince Philips. His links with Canada, his life with the Queen, his many charitable projects: a lot of research goes into making sure we're ready on D-Day.


Florie-Anne Virgile had to follow the strict protocol of the royal family and comment on the facts and gestures of each stage of the ceremony. A tedious but familiar exercise for our CEO who covered the wedding of Princess Eugenie in 2018 for the Chinese channel CGTN.

Brexit supports are gathering in front of Westminster

Discover below some of Florie-Anne's broadcasts

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