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During the autumn of 2018, we were approached by Clippings to produce a series of videos on their annual conference that showcases the latest trends in decoration and interior design. For these videos, we had to respect the identity of the brand while creating a modern universe around design. The videos mixed live actions interviews during the conference with visuals showing the work of the designers. We chose to create 8 short and impactful videos, showcasing 8 of the latest trends in the world of design: New Stone Age, Abstrat Landscapes, Trade Marks, Plastic Revolution, Totem Towers, Bold Fols, Fibre Optics and Boiserie Refined.


Plastic revolution

In this video, we wanted to show, in less than a minute, how plastic is shaking up the codes of design these days. Among the many excerpts of the conference, we chose to highlight the modern and original work of designers working with plastic to achieve a marble effect.

Fibre Optics

In this video, we see how designers are using natural materials to make objects or pieces of art in this new trend. In less than a minute, we showed the different works that have been done by great designers around the world.

New Stone Age

Clippings' annual conference showed another emerging trend: that of stone texture. Designers are using a different approach of stone, which is much rougher and more tactile. In this video, we would like to show the different modern versions that have been made with the oldest material in the world.

These videos are also available on our YouTube channel.

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