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Myth-to-measure hired to film "Champions, soccer families", the new series of the channel TFX!

For two months we followed the daily life of the wives of soccer players: Belle Silva and Tiziri Digne as well as a day with Majda Sahko.

All three live in England with their husbands, Tiago Silva, Lucas Digne  and Mamadou Sahko, who play for prestigious soccer clubs.


These international players have a very busy life and it is sometimes difficult to combine family life and career. So the goal of this program is to learn more about the real daily life of these women who have to adapt to their husband's job. You will learn more about their routine at home with the kids, family time, their work and their future projects.


These three women really left their marks on the team and on the programme, and we are delighted to show you the images we filmed. Check out this documentary series on TFX!

You need a crew to film an event, an interview or even a documentary series? We can cover any type of event in England and Ireland, so don't hesitate to send us a message: We will get back to you very quickly.

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