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Myth-to-Measure has an ongoing collaboration with CGTN Français, the French-speaking channel of the China Global Television Network for which we act as their correspondents in the UK and Ireland. We produce news stories covering topics as diverse as politics, economy, tech, science, cultural events, Chinese community and partnerships in the UK. Based in London, we travel around both countries and went to Dublin and Edinburgh to report on political issues and cultural events in the capitals.

Brexit supports are gathering in front of Westminster


Is Theresa May in denial?

What challenges is China going to face tomorrow?

The UK is strengthening links with potential partners and prepares for its future

Economy and business:

The biggest Tech event in Europe is taking place in London

London welcomes the world's biggest Fintech experts



Tomorrow's farms in Cambridge

The University of Nottingham teams up with China to find solutions to the problems of food.

The treasures of the legendary Pharaoh Tutankhamun arrive at the Saatchi Gallery in London

The London Christmas season starts at the Royal Botanical Gardens


Families enjoy ice skating in an Arabian Nights style scenery

Full Grown: They grow furniture

British companies attract Chinese entrepreneurs

The first European project of the Chinese group ABP

China in the UK

Scotland is getting ready for a new independence referendum

Edinburgh is welcoming Chinese tourists


In London, a British musician brings Chinese music in the spotlight

The most famous Irish celtic festival

In Ireland, a potential post-Brexit border divides


Horse Trade: an Irish business threatened by Brexit

Worldcon & Chinese Science Fiction in Dublin

Covering the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy

During the 2020 Covid-19 global pandemic, Italy was the first European country to be severely hit, suffering thousands of casualties and putting a complete lockdown in place very early. Myth-to-Measure was able to cover the development of the pandemic, showing once again our ability to coordinate production in another country and work in different languages.

A whole generation disappeared in Bergamo

How did Italian doctors welcome the Chinese medical aid

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